How to make the perfect fire

Every year at this time the pictures on Instagram suddenly change from monochrome scenes of interiors to the decidedly warmer colours of all things Autumn. A birds eye shot of boots walking through a carpet of leaves. Harvest style wreaths adorning the perfect front door. Pumpkin spice lattes being clutched by hands barely visible under oversized jumpers, cable knit socks in the background and a roaring fire.

 Here at The Log Stock the only word we heard there was “fire” and fire is our passion. The perfect fire, to be exact. And for the perfect fire you need the perfect firewood. Well, that’s a start anyway. Below we outline some tips to create the perfect winter warmer. Pumpkin latte and cable knit socks optional.

 1. Don’t clean up


That’s right, your perfect Log Stock firewood needs the perfect base and contrary to popular belief you don’t want to clean out your grate too much. You need a few centimetres of ash upon which to start your burning inferno. This will hold the first embers and can also protect wood stoves for those of you using one. Create a clearing in the middle of the ash - this is where your kindling will go.

2. The foundations


Next take one of your larger Log Stock firewood logs and place this as the back of the kindling. Place slightly smaller Log Stock firewood logs to the left and right sides of your kindling.

3. Lighting


In the clearing in the centre place whatever you are using to start the fire - this may very well be firelighters from The Log Stock. Add your Log Stock kindling on top and have some slightly larger Log Stock pieces of firewood handy - these will need to be placed on top of the kindling as the fire takes hold. Keep all the vents open if you are using a log burner, this will create the draught you need to keep feeding oxygen to your fire.

4. Keeping her going


At this point your fire should have taken hold and you can start adding some slightly larger pieces of Log Stock firewood. Whether you are using an open fire or a log burning stove you will need to give it time to get up to temperature, it’s the classic fire triangle - fuel, oxygen and heat and if one is missing you won’t get your perfect insta moment, pumpkin spice latte or not.


Top tip:

Always use firewood that has a moisture content below 20% - firewood that hasn’t been properly seasoned is going to be very difficult to light. Hardwood firewood from The Log Stock is perfectly seasoned and Woodsure certified!