The proper way to store your firewood

You’ve just placed an order of firewood from The Log Stock but after it has been delivered to your doorstep, where do you plan on storing it? 


Storing inside


You may have seen people on Instagram stacking their logs either side of a log burner. This is very aesthetically pleasing and looks great on the ‘gram but if your wood is too close to your log burner or worse, touching, you are at risk of causing a fire or inhaling smoke from wood which may begin to smoulder. If the reason you store your firewood is ease of access rather than just because it looks pretty you may wish to invest in a log rack. This way you can have a large pile tucked away inside or outside and keep a few next to the fire which can be easily grabbed and added to the fire as needed. All you then need to do is replenish this as necessary from your main log store.


If your main firewood pile is still indoors somewhere just make sure it isn’t tucked away without ventilation - it may be nice and dry indoors but your wood can still harbour damp and you don’t have the same airflow that you would have in an exterior log store. Be aware of any little visitors that may have stowed away in the firewood - spiders and lice are pretty common so if you’re not into eight legged housemates maybe just opt for an exterior store.


Storing outside


Your firewood should be raised off the ground (a pallet will suffice) and covered over the top. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation around the sides. If you are purchasing an outdoor log store you will see that they have been designed with this in mind. Choose a spot that gets sun and wind, not somewhere tucked away in the shadows or tucked behind a shed.




Stacking should be considered and neat, not just because it looks nice but again to ensure the logs in the middle of the pile are getting the ventilation required to avoid rotting. Firewood that has  been affected by rot just won’t burn well at all and is a waste.


If you don’t have a log store, the pile can be freestanding if you use the interlocking corner technique. This will keep the pile nice and straight and will prevent it from falling over. You will need a cover if the pile is freestanding - corrugated metal sheet works well which is cost effective and easy to get hold of. If this isn’t an option, a tarp will protect your firewood just as well, but you may want to fix it down to avoid it blowing away or flapping.


Obviously your wood should be properly seasoned ensuring the best possible burn for you and for the environment. Our firewood is Woodsure certified meaning that it has been comprehensively checked to ensure that our wood is the correct dryness.


TOP TIP: If you do happen to have ‘green’ wood from before ordering your Woodsure ready to burn firewood from The Log Stock, stack them bark side down so that moisture can evaporate from the wood.